Reviews A:




10 Years - Violent Allies

23 Acez - Embracing The Madness

3 Dayz Whizkey - Common Buzzard Blues

65daysofstatic - replicr, 2019

A Pale Horse Named Death - Infernum In Terra

Aaron Brooks - Homunculus

Abel Ganz - The Dangers Of Strangers

Aborted - ManiaCult

AC Angry - Appetite For Erection

AC Angry - Black Denim

AC DC - Let There Be Rock

AC DC - Power Up

AC DC - Rock Or Bust  

Acacia - Resurrection

Accuser - Diabolic

Accuser - The Forlorn Divide

Acid Mammoth - Caravan

Acid Reign - The Age Of Entitlement

Adramelch - Opus

Advena - Realität

ADX - Non Serviam

Aenemica - Secret Lines

Aeon Zen - Transversal

Aeternitas - Haunted Minds

Aeternitas - Tales Of the Grotesque

Aevum - Multiverse

Ages - Uncrown

Agrypnie - Grenzgänger

Air Raid - Across The Line

Air Raid - Point Of Impact

Airbag - A Day At The Beach

Airforce - Strike Hard

Ahab - The Boats Of The Glen Carrig

Alan Parsons - The Secret

Alberto Rigoni - Prog Injection

Albez Duz - Enigmatic Rites

Alcantara - Solitaire

Alcest - Spiritual Instinct

Alestorm - No Grave But The Sea

Alice Cooper - Detroit Stories

Alien - Into The Future

Alkymist - Alkymist

All Will Know - Infinitas

Allen / Olzon - Worlds Apart

Ally The Fiddle - Up

Alpha Tiger - Identity

Alta Reign - Mother's Day

Alter Bridge - The Last Hero

Alter Bridge - Walk The Sky

Althea - The Art Of Trees

Amaranthe - Manifest

Ambush - Desecrator

Ambush - Firestorm

Amorphis - Under The Red Cloud

Ampex - Alles was Du brauchst

Ampex - Einzelkämpfer

Amulet - The Inevitable War

Ancillotti - Hell On Earth

Ancillotti - The Chain Goes On

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - X: The Godless Void And Other Stories

Andy Susemihl - Burning Man (EP)

Angband - IV

Angel Martyr - Nothing Louder Than Silence

Angel Nation - Aeon

Angelus Apatrida - Angelus Apatrida

Ann My Guard - Furia

Ann My Guard - Moira

Anneke van Giersbergen - Symphonized

Anneke van Giersbergen - The Darkest Skies Are The Brightest

Annihilator - Ballistic, Sadistic

Annihilator - For The Demented

Annihilator - Suicide Society

AnthenorA - Mirrors And Screens

Antioch - V

Antoine's Legacy - Antoine's Legacy

Antrisch - Expedition I: Dissonanzgrat (EP)

Apocalyptica - Cell-O

Apogee - Conspiracy Of Fools

Apostle - Sky Above Me (EP)

Apparition - The Awakening

April Art - Rise & Fall

Arabs In Aspic - Syndenes Magi

Architects Of Chaoz - (R)evolution

Architects Of Chaoz - The League Of Shadows

Argus - From Fields Of Fire

Arises - System

Ark Ascent - Downfall

Armed Cloud - Master Device & Slave Machine

Armed Cloud - Torque

Armored Dawn - Barbarians In Black

Armored Dawn - Viking Zombie

Armored Saint - Punching The Sky

Armored Saint - Win Hands Down

Arrayan Path - Archegonoi

Arrayan Path - The Marble Gates To Apeiron

Art Of Illusion - X Marks The Spot

Art Against Agony - Shiva Appreciation Society

Artefuckt - Gemini

Ascendant - A Thousand Echoes

Asomvel - World Shaker

ASP - Verfallen Folge 2: Fassaden

Asphodelos - The Five Rivers Of Erebos

Assassin's Blade - Agents Of Mystification

Assassin's Blade - Gather Darkness

Assignment - Reflections

Assimilation - The Laws Of Power

Astral Doors - Notes From The Shadows

Astral Doors - Worship Or Die

Astralium - Land Of Eternal Dreams

Asylum Pyre - No.4

At The Gates - The Nightmare Of Being

Atavist - III: Absolution

Atlantean Kodex - The Course Of Empire

Atreyu - Baptize

Atrium Noctis - Aeterni

Atrocity - Masters Of Darkness (EP)

Attic - Sanctimonious

August Burns Red - Guardians

Autograph - Get Off Your Ass

Autumn - Stacking Smoke

Autumn's Child - Angel's Gate

Avaland - Theater Of Sorcery

Avatarium - The Girl With The Raven Mask

Avatar - Avatar Country

Avatar - Hunter Gatherer

Avenger - Blood Sports

Avenger - Killer Elite

Axenstar - End Of All Hope

Axxelerator - Heads Or Tales




Reviews B:


Backwater - Take Extreme Forms

Backwood Spirit - Fresh From The Can

Bad As - Crucified Society

Bad As - Midnight Curse

Bad Bones - High Rollers

Bad Wolves - Disobey

Baest - Necro Sapiens

Baest - Venenum

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - Transiberiana

Niedeckens BAP - Alles Fliesst

Barnabas Sky - Inspirations

Battle Beast - Unholy Savior

Beach Viper - Alive & Free

Be'lakor - Vessels

Behemoth - I Loved You At Your Darkest

Below - Upon A Pale Horse

Bent Knee - You Know What They Mean

Benthos - II

Berzerker Legion - Obliterate The Weak

Betontod - Revolution

Betrayal - Disorder Remains

Beyond God - Dying To Feel Aive

Beyond The Black - Lost In Forever

Beyond The Black - Songs Of Love And Death

Beyond The Labyrinth - Brand New Start (EP)

Big Big Train - Common Ground

Big Big Train - Grand Tour

Big Iron D - Madness

Billy Sherwood - Citizen

Bioplan - Epipath & Ocular

Bismarck - Oneiromancer

Bjorn Riis - A Storm Is Coming

Blackberry Smoke - Holding All The Roses

Blackdraft - The Quest

Blackevil - Forever Baptised In Eternal Fire

Blackmore's Night - Nature's Light

Black Alice - Endangered Species (Re-Release)

Black Bone Nation - Born To Rock

Black Country Communion - BCCIV

Black Diamonds - No-Tell Hotel

Black Fate - Ithaca

Black Futures - Never Not Nothing

Black Hawk - Destination Hell

Black Knight - Road To Victory

Black Knight - Tales From The Darkside (Re-Release)

Black Lilium - Dead Man's Diary

Black Parable - Absinthe

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath - Paranoid (50th anniversary edition)

Black Sabbath - Sabotage (Super Deluxe Edition)

Black Star Riders - Heavy Fire

Black Sun - Silent Enemy

Black Trip - Shadowline

Black Wizard - New Waste

Blackslash . Lightning Strikes Again

Blackslash - Sinister Lightning

Blade Killer - High Risk

Blazing Rust - Line Of Danger

Bleeding Eyes - Golgotha

Blind Guardian - Beyond The Red Mirror

Blind Guardian (Twilight Orchestra) - Legacy Of The Dark Lands

Blind Ego - Liquid

Blind Ego - Preaching To The Choir

Bliss Of Flesh - Empyrean

Bliss Of Flesh - Tyrant

Blitzkrieg - A Time Of Changes

Blizzen - World In Chains

Blood Of The Sun - Blood's Thicker Than Love

Bloodbound - Creatures Of The Dark Realm

Bloodbound - Rise Of The Dragon Empire

Blue Hour Ghosts - Due

Blue Öyster Cult - The Symbol Remains

Bodyfarm - Battle Breed

Böllverk - Let's Ride Till Dawn

Bombus - Vulture Culture

Bonded - Into Blackness

Boneyard - Oathbreaker

Bonfire - Fistful Of Fire

Bonfire - Temple Of Lies

Borknagar - True North

Bottomless - Bottomless

Bring Me The Horizon - Post Human: Survival Horror (EP)

BRKN Love - s/t

Brocelian - Guardians Of Broceliande

Brother Firetribe - Feel The Burn

Brother Firetribe - Sunbound

Brothers Of Metal - Emblas Saga

Brothers Of Metal - Prophecy Of Ragnarök

Brotthogg - Echoes Of The Past

Bruce Springsteen - Letter To You

Brudini - From Darkness, Light

Brüder4Brothers - Brotherhood

Buffalo Summer - Desolation Blue

Bullet - Storm Of Blades

Bunker 66 - Beyond The Help Of Prayers

Burning Point - Arsonist Of The Soul

Burning Witches - Hexenhammer

Bütcher - 666 Goats Carry My Chariot

By'ce Project - Abyss Of The Mind

Byfist - In The End

Byron - The Omega Evangelion

Reviews C:



Cairo - Cairo

Caligula's Horse - Rise Radiant

Callejon - Metropolis

Caravan - It's None Of Your Business

Carnal Forge - Gun To Mouth Salvation

Carthagods - The Monster in Me

Catalyst Crime - Catalyst Crime

Cats In Space - Atlantis

Cauldron - New Gods

Ceild - A View

Cellar Stone - One Fine Day

Celtic Hills - Mystai Keltoy

Chain Reaktor - Homesick

Champlin Williams Friestedt - II

Chalice - Overyears Sensation

Chaos Over Cosmos - The Ultimate Multiverse

Chaoseum - First Step To Hell

Chapter 7 - Frozen Fields

Chasing Ghosts - Bring Me Suffering (EP)

Chasing Ghosts - These Hollow Gods

Charlotte In Cage - Times Of Anger

Chontaraz - Speed The Bullet

Clockwork - Unbreakable (EP)

Cobra Cult - Second Gear

Cold - The Things We Can't Stop

Coldspell - A New World Arise

Coldun - Grand Sun Ritual

Coltre - Under The Influence

Comaniac - Instruction For Destruction

Communic - Hiding From The World

Communic - Where Echoes Gather

Conception - State Of Deception

Conjuring Fate - Curse Of The Fallen

Constraint - Tides Of Entropy

Corners Of Sanctuary - Heroes Never Die

Coronatus - Secrets Of Nature

Coronatus - The Eminence Of Nature

Corrosive - Nourished By Blood

Crescent - The Order Of Amenti

Crescent Moon - Dissonance

Crescent Moon - The Lidless Room

Criminal - Fear Itself

Crossfire - See You In Hell

Crow 7 - Light In My Dungeon

Crow 7 - Wake Up

Crow's Flight - The Storm

Cryptex - Once Upon A Time

Crystal Palace - Dawn Of Eternity

Crystal Palace - Scattered Shards

Crystallion - Heads Or Tails

Custard - Imperium Rapax

Cvlt Ov The Svn - We Are The Dragon

Cyrcus Flyght - The Clueless Caravan