Reviews D:

D.A.D. - A Prayer For The Loud

Damn Freaks - Damn Freaks

Daniel Cavanagh - Monochrome

Danko Jones - A Rock Supreme

Danko Jones - Wild Cat

Dante - When We Were Beautiful

Danzig - Black Laden Crown

Dark Arena - Alien Factor 

Dark Fortress - Spectres From The Old World

Darker Half - If You Only Knew

Darkness - Over And Out (EP)

Darkness - The Gasoline Solution

Darkthrone - Old Star

DarkTribe - Voici L'Homme

Darrel Treece-Birch - Healing Touch

DarWin - DarWin 2: A Frozen War

Dawn Ahead - A Trip Of Violence (EP)

Dawn Ahead - Fallen Anthems

Dawn Of Destiny - The Beast Inside

Dawn Of Solace - Waves

Day Six - Solitary League

Dead City Ruins - Never Say Die

Dead End Space - The Resistance

Dead Witches - The Final Exorcism

DeadRisen - DeadRisen

Death Angel - Humanicide

Death Injection - Victim's Night

Deathstorm - For Dread Shall Reign

Deep Sun - Das Erbe der Welt

Degial - Predator Reign

Degial - Savage Mutiny

Demon - Cemetery Junction

Demon Head - The Resistance (SIngle)

Demon Head - Thunder On The Fields

Demons Dream - Battle Cry

Denied - Freedom Of Speech

Denied - Let Them Burn

Denied - The Decade Of Disruption

Denner / Shermann - Masters Of Evil

Denner / Shermann - Satan's Tomb (EP)

Derek Sherinian - The Phoenix

Desdemonia - Anguish

Desolation Angels - King

Destruction - Born To Perish

Dethrone - State Of Decay (EP)

DeVicious - Phase Three

Devil - To The Gallows

Devil's Gun - Sing For The Chaos

Devin Townsend - Empath

Devin Townsend Project - Ocean Machine: Live in Plovdiv

Diabulus In Musica - Euphonic Entropy

Diamond Head - Death And Progress

Diamond Head - Diamond Head

Diamond Head - The Coffin Train

Die Füchse - ...trinkt aus !

Different Light - Binary Suns (Part 1)

Dilemma - Random Acts Of Liberation

Dimlight - Kingdom Of Horrors

DIO - Evil Or Divine (Live in New York) (Re-Release)

DIO - Holy Diver Live (Re-Release)

Dirty Thrills - Heavy Living

Disbelief - The Ground Collapses

Disbelief - The Symbol Of Death

Don Felder - American Rock'n Roll

Door 964 - C.O.T.D.

Dorja - Gemini

Double Experience - Alignments

Downfall Of Gaia - Ethic Of Radical Finitude

Draconian - Sovran

Draconian - Under A Godless Veil

Dream Ocean - Lost Love Symphony

Dreams In Fragments - Reflections Of A Nightmare

Dreamwalkers Inc - A Night At The Theatre

Drowning Pool - Hellelujah

Drunken Fools - Escape

Dungeon Wolf - Slavery Or Steel

Dust Bolt - Mass Confusion

Dust Bolt - Trapped In Chaos

DüsterLust - At The End Of Time (EP)

Dynamite - Big Bang

Dynazty - The Dark Delight

Reviews E:

Early Moods - Spellbound (EP)

Earth Ship - Hollowed

East Temple Avenue - Both Sides Of Midnight

Echotime - Side

Eclipse - Monumentum

Edenbridge - The Great Momentum

Edguy - Space Police-Defenders Of The Crown

Eisenhauer - Blessed Be The Hunter

Eisenhauer - Horse Of Hell (EP)

El Pistolero - Mexican Standoff

Eldritch - Tasting The Tears

Electric Citizen - Helltown

Electric Mud - Quiet Days On Earth

Electric Mud - The Deconstruction Of Light

Elegy Of Madness - Invisible World

Eleine - Daning In Hell

Elfrika - Secretum Secretorum

Eli Van Pike - Welcome To My Dark Side

Eliminator - Last Horizon

Elixir - Voyage Of The Eagle

Elvenstorm - The Conjuring

Emerald - Reckoning Day

Emil Bulls - Kill Your Demons

Empathica - The Fire Symphony

Empiresfall - A Piece To The Blind

Empyria - Divided (EP)

End Of The Dream - Until You Break

Endless Curse - Drink, Smoke And Don't Give A Fuck

Endless Curse - Slave Breeding Industry

Enemy I - Dysphoria

Enemy Inside - Phoenix

Enforcer - From Beyond

Enforcer - Zenith

Engel - Abandon All Hope

Entera - The Pit Is Ours (EP)

Entrench - Through The Walls Of Flesh

Entrench - Violent Procreation

Envenomed - The Walking Shred

Epitaph - Stop Look And Listen

Equilibrium - Armageddon

Ereley - Diablerie

Eric Clayton - A Thousand Scars

Escape - Fire In The Sky

Eternal Flight - Retrofuture

Eternal Silence - Renegades (EP)

Ethernity - The Human Race Extinction

Evile - Hell Unleashed

Evocation - The Shadow Archetype

Ewigkeit - DISClose

Ex Deo - The Immortal Wars

Ex Libris - Ann-Chapter 3: Anne Frank

Exarsis - New War Order

Exciter - Thrash Speed Burn

Exit Eden - Rhapsodies In Black

Extremities - Gaia

Exumer - The Raging Tides

Eynomia - Break Free

Reviews F:

Fates Warning - Darkness In A Different Light

Fates Warning - Live Over Europe

Fates Warning - Theories Of Flight