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Machine Gun Kelly - No Easy Way Out

Machines Dream - Black Science

Mad Butcher - Metal Meat 

Madhouse - Braindead

Madog - Raven

Maerzfeld - Zorn

Magg Dylan - Amethyst

Magick Touch - Heads Have Got To Rock'n Roll

Magnus Rosen Band - It's Time To Rock The World Again

Magoth - Anti Terrestrial Black Metal

Magoth - Zeitgeist: Dystopia

Maiden United - Empire Of The Clouds

Maiden United - The Barrel House Tapes

Majesty - Legends

Major Parkinson - Valesa-Chapter 1: Velvet Prison

Manach Seherath - Timeless Tales

Manic Street Preachers - The Ultra Vivid Lament

Manigance - Machine Nation

Manilla Road - To Kill A King

Manimal - Armageddon

Manticora - Mycelium

Manticora - To Live To Kill To Live

Manticora - To Kill To Live To Kill

Marble - S.A.V.E

Marc Vanderberg - Highway Demon

Marc Vanderberg - Phoenix From The Ashes

March In Arms - Pulse Of The Daring

Marianas Rest - Auer

Marios Politis - This Is My Story

Mark Kelly's Marathon - Marathon

Mars Red Sky - The Task Eternal

Marshall Law - Marshall Law

Marty Friedman - Wall Of Sound

Martyr - Planet Metalhead

Märvel - Graces Came With Malice

Masqued - The Light In The Dark

Mass Deception - Redemptions

Mastercastle - Lighthouse Pathetic

Matterhorn - Outside

Maverick - Ethereality

Mayfair - Frevel

Mayfair - My Ghosts Inside

Mayfire - Cloudscapes & Silhouettes

Meadows - Tears In Paradise

Mean Streak - Blind Faith

Mean Streak - Trial By Fire

Meden Agan - Catharsis

Medieval Steel - The Dungeon Tapes

Meer - Playing House

Megadeth - Dystopia

Megaton Sword - Blood Hails Steel-Steel Hails Fire

Megaton Sword - Might & Power

Meka Nism - The War Inside (EP)

Mercenary - Soundtrack For The End Times

Mercury Circle - The Dawn Of Vitriol (EP)

Meridian - The 4th Dimension

MesaVerde - All Is Well

Meshiaak - Mask Of All Misery

Messerschmitt - Consumed By Fire

Metal Inquisitor - Panopticon

Metalite - Biomechanicals

Metalite - Expedition One

Metall - Metal Fire

Metalwings - A Whole New Land

Metalwings - Fallen Angel In The Hell (EP)

Metaprism - Catalyst To Awakening

Michael Fury - Affairs In Babylon

Michael Monroe - One Man Gang

Michael Romeo - War Of The Worlds Pt. 1

Michael Romeo - War Of The Worlds Pt. 2

Mick Fleetwood & Friends - Celebrate The Music Of Peter Green

Midnight Force - Dunsinane

Midnight Priest - Aggressive Hauntings

Midnight Rider - Beyond The Blood Red Horizon

Mike Tramp - Second Time Around

Mike Tramp - Stray From The Flock

Militia - And The Gods Made War

Millennium - A New World

Millennium - The Sign Of Evil

M.ILL.ION - Back On Track

Mind Patrol - Milking The Masses

Mindless Sinner - Poltergeist

Mindwars - The Fourth Turning

Minotaurus - Insolubilis

Minotaurus - The Call

Minotaurus - Victims Of The Underworld

Mirage - The Sequel

Misanthropia - Convoy Of Sickness

Miseration - Black Miracles And Dark Wonders

Misery Loves Co. - Zero

Mob Rules - Tales From Beyond

Molybaron - The Mutiny

Monkey3 - Welcome To The Machine

Monster Truck - Sittin' Heavy

Moon Letters - Thank You From The Future

Moonlight Haze - De Rerum Natura

Moonrock - Mindless Creatures

Moran Magal - Under Your Bed

Morbid Angel - Kingdoms Disdained

Moritz - About Time Too

Mork - Dypet

Mortal Infinity - In Cold Blood

Mortician - Titans

Mortuary Drape - Black Mirror

Mostly Autumn - White Rainbow

Mother Of Millions - Artifacts

Mother Road - II

Motorjesus - Electric Revelation

Motorpsycho - Kingdom Of Oblivion

Motorpsycho - Yay!

MP - Bursting Out (The Beast Became Human)

Mr. Big - Defying Gravity

Mr. Bison - Seaward

Mr. Irish Bastard - The Desire For Revenge

Mr. Kill - The Day Of Reckoning (EP)

Mustasch - A Final Warning-Chapter One

Mustasch - Killing It For Life

My Heavy Memory - Clarity

My Own Ghost - Shadow People

My Refuge - The Anger Is Never Over

My Sleeping Karma - Moksha

Myrath - Karma

Mystery - Lies And Butterflies

Mythopoeic Mind - Mythopoetry


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Nachtschatten - Leuchtfeuer (EP)

Nad Sylvan - Spiritus Mundi

Nad Sylvan - The Regal Bastard

Nahaya - Vital Alchemy

Nailed To Obscurity - Black Frost

Nailgun - Desolation

Naked Gypsy Queens - Georgiana (EP)

Napier's Bones - The Fields

Narnia - From Darkness To Light

Narnia - Ghost Town

National Napalm Syndicate - The New Hell

Natur - Afternoon Nightmare

Natural Born Machine - Human

Neal Morse -Sola Gratia

Nebelhorn - Urgewalt

Necronomicon - The Final Chapter

Necrytis - Dread En Ruin

Needless - The Cosmic Cauldron

Nem-Q - Fault Lines

Neon Angel - Neon Light District

Neptune - Northern Steel

Nereis - Turning Point

Neuronspoiler - Second Sight

New Horizons - Inner Dislocation

New Years Day - Unbreakable

Newman - Into The Monsters' Playground

Night - High Tides, Distant Skies

Night - Raft Of The World

NIght Demon - Curse Of The Damned

Night Prowler - No Escape

Nightbearer - Tales Of Sorcery And Death

Nightbound - Nightbound (EP)

Nightshadow - Strike Them Dead

Nightstryke - Storm Of Steel

Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Nile - Vile Nilotic Rites

NIls Patrik Johansson - Evil Deluxe

Nine Shrines - Retribution Therapy

Nine Skies - Sweetheart Grips

Nine Skies - The Lightmaker

Nine-T-Nine - Time And Water

Ninth Circle - Echo Black

Nitrogods - Rebel Dayz

Nitro Zeus - i.anomaly (EP)

Niviane - The Ruthless Divine

N.M.A. - N.M.A.

NMB - Innocence & Danger

N.N.M. - Neanderthal Noise Machine

No Bros - Export Of Hell

No Raza - Transcending Material Sins

No Return - Fearless Walk To Rise

No Return - The Curse Within

Nocturnal - Serpent Death

Nocturnal Rites - Phoenix

Nord - Play Restart

Northern Crown - In A Pallid Shadow

Nothing Sacred - Leviathan (EP)

Nothing Sacred - No Gods

Novatia - Discover

Now Or Never - II

Nth Ascension - Ascension Of Kings

Nth Ascension - In Fine Initium

Nth Ascension - Stranger Than Fiction

Null Positiv - Koma

Numenor - Chronicles From The Realms Beyond

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