Neues Album: BRAINSTORM - "Wall of Skulls"

BRAINSTORM announcing new album and revealing cover art

"Wall Of Skulls" release date: August 20th, 2021 (AFM Records)


More than 30 years of history in metal and still BRAINSTORM visibly captivates huge musical enthusiasm and joy while earning almost endless expertise in their craft, as you can hear - amongst others these ingredients culminate in a perfected new masterpiece of metal music named "Wall Of Skulls".


The powerhouse from Southern Germany today announced to release their upcoming new opus on August 20th, 2021 and revealed the cover art and tracklist, while also the pre-sale for „Wall Of Skulls“ (containing 11 tracks as standard version) simultaneously started today. The album can be pre-ordered here: https://shop.afm-records.de/brainstorm/


By the way: as special guests BRAINSTORM has acquired no less than legendary Rage-fronter „Peavy“ Wagner and ORDEN OGAN mastermind „Seeb“ Levermann, who is also responsible for the top-notch and vital sound of the new album.


The album will be available as CD, Digibook-CD (incl. Live-BluRay), ltd. Vinyl (different colours), ltd. boxset (contains: Headscarf, Sticker, Patch, Autograph, Digibook + Live BluRay) and digital.



01 Chamber Thirteen

02 Where Ravens Fly

03 Solitude

04 Escape The Silence (feat. „Peavy“ Wagner, RAGE)

05 Turn Off The Light (feat. „Seeb“ Levermann, ORDEN OGAN)

06 Glory Disappears

07 My Dystopia

08 End Of My Innocence

09 Stigmatized (Shadows Fall)

10 Holding On

11 I, The Deceiver


Mix & Mastering: Sebastian „Seeb“ Levermann

Cover Artwork: Gyula Havancsák


Quelle:  BRAINSTORM Facebookpage

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