Bay Area Power Thrashers HEXX to release new album and new single this Summer

Legendary Bay Area Power Thrash Metal act HEXX will release their fifth studio album entitled "Entangled In Sin" this Summer on High Roller Records. The effort will be available on vinyl, CD, and digital stream/download, and will include new songs such as "Power Mad", "Internal Enemy", "Strive The Grave" and "Watching Me Burn". Like their previous release, the new album was produced and mastered by Bart Gabriel, and recorded and mixed by Tim Narducci. The cover art is by Italian artist Roberto Toderico, who has worked with acts such as SINISTER, THANATOS, and ASPHYX.

"This new album is pure '80s Bay Area Power/Thrash Metal performed by seasoned artists who emerged and thrived during the most significant time and place in heavy metal history", says guitarist and founding member Dan Watson. "We are very proud of it!".


Prior to the release of the new album, HEXX will also release an exclusive 7" vinyl single featuring the two classic HEXX tracks, "Night Of Pain", and "Terror", which have been re-recorded by the current line up. 


More information: www.facebook.com/officialhexx

High Roller Records: www.hrrecords.de


Quelle:  Gabriel Management

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